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Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is in charge of animal welfare for domesticated animals (cats, dogs) within the community and assists in the return of lost animals to their owners, or to an Animal Shelter.

Contact Joe Guyotte, ACO

It is unlawful for any dog, licensed or unlicensed, to be at large, except when used for hunting. The owner or keeper of any dog found at large is subject to  penalties.

An owner or keeper of an animal may not allow that animal to enter onto or remain on the property of another or unattended on any local, county or state road or highway after the owner or keeper has been informed by a law enforcement officer, authorized employee of the department or animal control officer that that animal was found on that property or on that local, county or state road or highway.  

Lake View Plantation

Animal Control Officer


Contact Joe Guyotte at

(207) 564-2187 or (207) 343-2267

Pet Fire Safety Tips

For questions about licensing your dog, call Barbara Reed at 207-943-5538.

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