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Board of Assessors

Lake View Assessors’ meetings are scheduled monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 9:00 AM at the Lake View Plantation Office, 27 Church St., Brownville, ME.  Meeting times are subject to change. Call (965-8119) for more information.

Plantation Officers

The elected Lake View Plantation Officers are here to serve you. 

Plantation Officers

Clerk and Voter Registrations: 

Barbara J. Reed 207-943-5538

Tax Collector and Treasurer:

Cheryl Gormley 207-965-8119

Fire Warden:

Robert Coburn 207-943-6809

Animal Control:

Joe Guyotte 207-564-2807

Plumbing Inspector:

Daniel Gilbert 207-938-3866

Tax Assessing Agent:

Maine Assessment and Appraisal

Building Permit: LUPC

Bryan Way 207-485-8354

Health Officer:

Cindi Jay 207-965-8106

School Committee

As of July 01, 2003 Lake View Plantation ceased to be a member of the Maine School Administrative District #41.  A School Department has been formed by election, with members serving a three-year term.

The school budget is generally based on available current enrollment +1. If additional students move to Lake View, a Special Town Meeting will be called to appropriate the additional funding required to pay for the increased tuition cost.

School Committee

Superintendent of Lake View Plantation


David Walker

School Committee:

Cindi Jay 2025

Angelina Hamlin 2026

Mary Ellen Russell 2027

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